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Hypernova Selected To Showcase On VC4A


TechInAfrica – The co-founder and CEO of Hypernova Space Technologies announced that the startup has been chosen among a thousand startups to showcase its initiative on Venture Capital for Africa (VC4A).

The startup entered the scene at Africa Early Stage Investor Summit which was held on 3-4 November 2020.

Hypernova is a South Africa-based space engineering startup that recently builds propulsion systems for satellite manufacturers.

Its innovation promotes sustainability in space, such as developing technology that limits the generation of space debris to the maximum level.

In an interview with Space In Africa, Jonathan talks about his company mission and his thoughts on the startup values in perspective to the African market.

“There have been increasing demands from licensing organizations to ensure satellites not generate or become space debris, and increasingly, have an active ability to de-orbit,” Jonathan says.

“Making sure our use of space is sustainable is vital for the industry and for humanity as a whole. Propulsion systems like Hypernova’s will enable that.”

“Hypernova has some roots in Africa since I grew up and got educated in South Africa. Our office is located in the Western Cape province of South Africa where much of the country’s private space activity happens. However, Hypernova’s other co-founder, Zak Lefevre is Canadian and based in Toronto. I love that our team is diverse. We keep an international perspective because Space is International.”

The startup currently delves into the Seed stage and is aiming for its first product launch and in-space flight before the end of 2021.

When asked about possible adoption by the African countries, Jonathan doesn’t negate the possibilities.

“I have seen the EU & US embrace Public-Private Partnerships to get these sectors to working together. I think we should embrace the same. We need to foster attractive regulatory and economic environments for space activity to happen in Africa.”

“There is a lot of potentials, but a lot of work needs to be done to create a truly thriving “African” space economy.”



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