Kenya to showcase virtual safaris to promote it’s rich wildlife to the world

The Magic Awaits campaign is an innovative way of keeping wildlife memories alive during the lockdown

virtual safari

Kenya just launched the virtual safari Livestream as an innovative way to keep the struggling tourism sector afloat. The live stream will showcase game safaris within the country’s parks and game reserves. At the moment international travel has been grounded everywhere, bringing the tourism sector to its knees. The last few weeks have seen massive layoffs and hotel closures, pitting hundreds of thousands without a job. The 6-week expedition across the country – dubbed the Magic Awaits campaign – will be steered by the Kenya Tourism Board (KTB).

virtual safari

The global pandemic has inspired innovation across most industries and the tourism sector seems to have taken note. The tourism sector is at a desperate point with most players ding their best to remain afloat. The tourism sector has also come up with an action plan that will see sh5.6 billion allocated in the form of a government stimulus package. The main sectors targeted are the airlines, tour guide companies, roads, hotels, and standard gauge railway.

Over a billion shillings will be dedicated to 5,500 community scouts working with the Kenya Wildlife Service. An equal sum will go to 160 conservancies.

The Cabinet Secretary for Tourism and Wildlife argued for the need to “share destination memories” with travelers through the “virtual tour safari.” The content will be live-streamed weekly to keep Kenyans aware of their beautiful country.

Dr. Betty Radier, KTB Chief Executive Officer expressed her concern over how people will be forced to adjust accordingly during this period.


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