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4 Job Opportunities Created by E-Commerce in Ghana

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TechInAfrica – In Ghana, the percentage of unemployment was at nearly 4.51% of the total labor force during 2020. The joblessness rate is the level of a country’s workforce without occupations yet is accessible to work and effectively looking for employment.

It is a growth from 4.16% in 2018 and 4.22% in 2019. Graduates from tertiary education, all genders in Ghana were accounted for at 10,9874 Persons in 2018. This number grows every year.

In comparison to other developing countries, this number seems to be stimulating.

By seeing that condition, e-commerce brings a platform for several players. It unblocked an enormous window of chances for many people to have a job. In each feature of the web-based business value chain, work openings appear to increase.

Regardless of whether it is about companies utilizing young Ghanaians or young alumni creating their own business, there are still massive amounts of occupations made by online businesses.

By 2021, it is predicted that online marketplaces in Africa can produce around 3-million work opportunities. One of Africa’s superior e-commerce ecosystems, Jumia, tries to figure out occupation creation in Ghana and how e-commerce takes part in it.

Below we look at 4 ways e-commerce is helping create jobs in Ghana:

  1. Sellers

Nowadays, many young Ghanaians proudly call themselves “Young CEOs”. E-commerce led them to create online shops where they can sell many things in various categories. The items can be bags, shoes, clothing, food, groceries, electronics, smartphones and accessories, and a lot more.

  1. Company Staff

Not only did it help young Ghanaians to become sellers, but e-commerce also provided jobs for a lot of people for being employed by an e-commerce company.

  1. Logistics

Work opportunities created by e-commerce are not only done online but also offline. All purchased items should be delivered to the buyers’ place. Hence, they need people to run the delivery process. As a result, now people can find several motorbikes and vans all over the country delivering packages and food.

  1. Pick Up Stations

Another branch expanded by e-commerce is pick-up stations. It can be seen obviously during the pandemic where people should stay at home for safety. Pick -up stations are set up as the go-to places for consumers to receive their packages safely and conveniently.



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