45 Ambassadors of Next Einstein Forum

Ambassadors of Next Einstein Forum

Ethiopia’s Binyam Sisay Mendisu – Serves at the International Institute for Capacity Building in Africa, UNESCO as the Teacher Education Program Officer. Keen on research around Omotic languages and mother tongue education in Africa.

Uganda’s Joanitah N. Nalubega – With a background in industrial chemistry and great passion for technology, Joanitah is transforming Uganda’s health sector through innovative technological solutions

Zambia’s Stephen Malunga – Upcoming scientists in Zambia and beyond can now get guidance and make informed decisions way early in life. This is made possible through a mentorship network founded by Stephen and his colleagues- the Juniors and Seniors’ Institute of Natural Sciences.

Zimbabwe’s Ian Mutamiri – A software and electrical engineer who has won grants in his bid to strengthen socialization through technology. Currently researching on mobile language learning solutions for Zimbabwean children and Africa at large.

Gabon’s Yannick Ovono – An MSc in journalism holder from the University of Istanbul with vast experience and passion in the media industry, education, leadership, politics and youth development in continent Africa. He is the CEO of Rabi Institute for Developmental Studies.

Gambia’s David Jeng – Nurturing leaders and entrepreneurs including young girls in Gambia’s communities through the Give 1 project which also implemented the Akon Lighting pilot initiative. David is currently coordinating and supporting businesses through Startup Incubator Gambia. So far 62 startups have been incubated offering over 180 jobs from 2015 under his leadership.

Ghana’s Peter Asare-Nuamah – A Ph.D. scholar at the Pan African University, Cameroon with a keen interest in climate change, disaster management, e-governance, education, and Pan-Africanism. He aspires to contribute to these subjects in Africa through research.

Algeria’s Meriem Benmardi – Was listed TechWoman by US state department, a recognition for her leadership skills. Meriem, an HR specialist with over eight years of experience, heads BETELA recruiting, a hiring platform. Besides, she consults in IT project management under TBWA Worldwide where she serves a Senior Digital Project Manager.

Benin’s Donald Semevo Elian Tchaou – A agriculture enthusiast who’s capitalizing on technology to capacity build farmers equipping them with modern agricultural practices. This he does through his TIC Agro Business Centre Company.

Botswana’s Yame Nkgowe – Founded a social enterprise known as Sustainable Cities Africa that applies Smart City Strategies objectively for a sustainable African Urban Future. Having been in the business management field for over 11 years now, Yame has a track-record of growing start-ups from inception to piloting and on.


Republic of Congo’s Mandingha Etoka-Beka – A Ph.D. in Molecular Biology and Applied Immunology scholar at Marien Ngouabi University. Recognised for her interest in laboratory-based research on Malaria in children who are sickle cell trait carriers.

DRC’s Raissa Malu – The brain behind the Science and Technology Week held in Kinshasa. Raissa is a trained Physicist and “Les Indispensables” collection of books author and editor.

Ivory Coast’s Ghislain DESSIEH – The science and technology enthusiast is a member of Africa 4 Tech’s Young African Innovator Program that usually brings together 40 African innovators in energy, technology and health fields. Ghislain, a holder of a Business Law degree from HEC Abidjan, also consultants in social innovation and sustainable development.

Egypt’s Basant Motawi – Ph.D. researcher keen on gender-based violence, focusing on the hidden health and economic burden that such violence leads into. She is working to advance policies in women empowerment.

Eritrea’s Mussie Mengistu – Living his dream of teaching, currently a lecturer and ongoing masters degree student in special needs education at Kenya’s Kenyatta University.


Guinea’s Keita Kabinet – A Postdoctoral Researcher, conducting a global study in the epidemiology of Tropheryma whipplei and Ebola virus in human and wildlife in Guinea.

Kenya’s Rose Mutiso – A trained materials engineer with vast expertise in Polymer physics, nanotechnology, and next-generation energy technologies. Through Mawazo Institute that she is co-founder and CEO, She is advancing the development of Africa’s energy sector.

Liberia’s Michael Gboneh – A Mathematics graduate who has dedicated his time to solve some of Liberia’s and Africa’s problems through the use of mathematics. Micheal is the chairperson of the University of Liberia’s Department of Mathematics.

Libya’s Kusai Fteita – A robotics geek mentoring and equipping youth with hands-on training in robotics. In the FIRST Global Challenge 2017, Libya was represented by Roboticx4004 – a brainchild of Kusai

Madagascar’s Mireille Harimalala – An Entomologist, carrying out in-depth research on genetics, phylogeny and dispersal mechanisms of flea vector-populations that cause plague.

Malawi’s Chikondi Shaba – Deputy Head and lecturer at the Department of Chemistry, University of Malawi. She is attached to the ‘Hidden Crisis” project where she is assessing groundwater chemistry.

Mali’s Souleymane Sogoba – A renowned documentarist in Mali behind the “a connected Africa, an informed Africa” documentary

Mauritania’s Abdoulaye Sidiki – Ph.D. holder in mechanics whose research work revolves around metamaterial – a new “intelligent” material concept.

Mauritius’ Lakshana Mohee’s – a biomaterial enthusiast currently pursuing her Ph.D. at the University of Cambridge. She hopes to improve healthcare through a biomaterial startup that will provide innovative, more accessible techniques and medical devices.

Morocco’s Dr. Lahbib LATRACH – A global researcher on water and energy who is a member of several University faculties in Ayyad, Marrakech, and Japan.

Mozambique’s Lars Albino Lemos – A trainer and mentor behind the Knowledge Sharing Campaign, Mukheru Express and MozDevelopment that are impacting communities through knowledge and learning.

Namibia’s Aibate Sturmann – A polymer scientist with interest in drug discovery and development majorly in non-communicable diseases and Ethno-pharmacology.

Niger’s Halimatou Hima Moussa Dioula – Through her “ilimi” initiative (“ilimi” translated as education or knowledge) Halimatou is challenging educational systems in Niger through innovation and re-imagination.

Nigeria’s Obidi Ezezika – An assistant professor at the University of Toronto championing for “Nutrido” – a Nutrition Gamification System in Nigeria’s capital, Abuja.

Rwanda’s Bobson Rugambwa – A software engineer and brain behind MVend Limited that develops affordable and sustainable financial inclusivity solution for the most vulnerable in Rwanda and entire Africa.

Sao Tome and Principe’s Paulo Emanuel D’Alva – An architect with vast experience in a sustainable architecture having worked for U.S Green Building Council. Now serving as Deputy Director at the largest architecture firm in Sao Tome and Principe – DALVAGAUP.

Senegal’s Khadidatou Sall – Founder of Science Education Exchange for Sustainable Development (SeeSD), a vocational education space that is growing the Senegalese children and communities through educational workshops. So far SeeSD has empowered 200 children in 3D printing, electronics, coding, physics, and chemistry.

Seychelles’ Jessica D’unienville – A Principal Researcher at NISTI, conducted Seychelles’ first R&D and Innovation Survey

Sierra Leone’s Salwa Supckie Campbell – An expert in data analytics (with over 11 years’ experience) who has dedicated her time to mentoring young girls on STEM disciplines.

Somalia’s Dr. Sadiyo Siad – A multi-specialist; consultant, lecturer, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and medical diagnostic with Ph.D. in Tuberculosis with a specialty in Immunology and Mycobacterium tuberculosis from the University of Leicester.

South Africa’s Keabetswe Tebogo Ncube – A Postdoctoral fellow in a genetics and agriculture research program in Maryland, USA.

Sudan’s Mohammed Kamal – A researcher, lecturer, and innovator of a drug charging and transportation system for efficient delivery of drugs to enhance cancer treatments.

Swaziland’s Sifiso Musa Nkambule – an academician in physics, currently working on a “The Physics Show” project that aims to attract more students to physical sciences by showcasing exciting physics phenomena.

Burkina Faso’s Abdrahamane Ouedraogo – A Masters in Public Health degree holder who is championing against female genital mutilation in Africa. Also, founded the Network of International Youth Organizations in Africa inspired by his passion and activism for youth organizations for over 17 years now.

Burundi’s Paterne Gahungu – Founded, together with his friends, a science club training youth in use of technology and offering them interaction avenues too present and debate. Paterne is am AIMS alumnus and a Ph.D. research scholar in Benin

Cape Verde’s Sara Baptista – Has dedicated her life to studying the biology and physiology of Malaria. A Ph.D. in life sciences student currently working at Dr. Maria Mota Lab in Instituto de Medicina Molecular- João Lobo, Lisbon.

Cameroon’s Arielle Kitio Tsamo – a technology enthusiast, working to improve learning standards and raise the bar in quality education in Cameroon through innovative technologies under his CAYSTI initiative. A scholar at Yaoundé University, Cameroon pursuing a Ph.D. in software engineering for disease surveillance.

Chad’s Mbaibo Francis – His passion for business and youth inspired his digital startup designed to induct and guide youth on digital entrepreneurship. The startup was ranked at the EU Africa Forum by European Union as one of the 50 best startups. Mbaibo has been working on an online agribusiness platform which he hopes to launch in the course of the year.

Tanzania’s Dr. Lwidiko Edward Mhamilawa – A Medical Doctor working to discover talent among kids through his ProjeKt Inspire initiative.

Togo’s Aglago Dodzi – Founder of MobileLabo that designs and distributes laboratory equipment. The startup has enabled students in the very remote areas of Togo to carry out science lab experiences heightening the interest of over half a million students in sciences.


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