11 More Countries to Enjoy Mall for Africa Services

Mall for Africa, Kenya, Rwanda, Ghana, Nigeria, Egypt, Uganda, Chad, Botswana, Tanzania, Angola, Senegal, Malawi, Sierra Leone, Democratic Republic of Congo

Nowadays, shoppers consider many factors while shopping online. The latest statistics show that over 50% of online shoppers make purchases from overseas retailers for the past six months. Moreover, experts project that by 2021, global e-commerce in retailer industry will hit $4.5 trillion. Comparing this value with the data collected in 2014, it will represent an increase of 246.15%.

Mall for Africa which currently operates in Kenya, Rwanda, Ghana, and Nigeria will extend their services to 11 more African states. The new countries to enjoy these services include Egypt, Uganda, Chad, Botswana, Tanzania, Angola, Senegal, Malawi, Sierra Leone, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The company uses Mall for Africa app to reach its customers. Therefore, the platform allows for online shopping for goods. Currently, many customers have moved to purchasing of goods online in Africa. The move to include 11 additional countries will also increase the customer base of the startup.

The CEO of Mall for Africa said that the company gets their goods from more than 250 retailers based in the UK and US. The company had decided to expand their services due to increase in demand for their services in these countries.

The CEO also said that the app of the company has a simple user interface which offers a better solution to online shopping. Moreover, he said that the platform is convenient and secure for transactions.

Currently, Statista indicates that Africa’s e-commerce market profit will hit $18.8 million in 2018. Therefore, the income from e-commerce will grow at an annual rate of 11.3%. Consequently, if the rate maintains, by 2022 Africa’s market volume will hit $28.942 million.


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