BrilliantPay Assures Customers of the Value of their Money


After facing problems while handling payments in the platform that he built, Tonnie Nyabuto, the CEO of BrilliantPay thought of developing a solution that would solve his problem. He decided to contact a team that would toil day and night to offer a solution to the marketplace. Moreover, they worked on a solution that would serve other online commerce hence enhancing their scales.

Considering that various people use online platforms for purchases, Nyabuto thought it wise to bring boost sales. He said that ideally many people do not make purchases but compare prices and make purchase decisions. Therefore, the online companies find it hard to make money from such customers. Therefore, Nyabuto recommended that businesses require to find a way of assuring customers that they will get the value for their money upon purchase. That is exactly where BrilliantPay chips in.

The BrilliantPay system that Nyabuto’s team developed offers solutions for disbursements, payment assurance, one-time payment and also recurring payments. So far, Nyabuto says that various enterprises keep requesting for their services and the business has taken the right directions. However, their operations are limited in only Nairobi and Mombasa in Kenya.

The company expects to expand its operations in East Africa within two years, and they also strategize to serve six other countries in Africa. They plan that in five years, they should serve 10 more countries.


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Written by Denis Opudo

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