How TEF Programs Can Change Entrepreneurship Mindset

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Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF) entrepreneurship program mainly mentors, offers training and create a network for entrepreneurs in Africa. Besides, TEF offers startup capital, and the program has operated for the last three years. TEF also helps existing startups to connect with international markets with great potential.

Entrepreneurs who have businesses should apply for 2018 TEF programs and benefit from its training. The program mainly covers 11 sectors of the economy which include consultancy, manufacturing, Information Communication Technology (ICT), waste management, agriculture, transport and logistics, and others.

For the past three years, 11 entrepreneurs have gained from TEF programs. The fourth cycle of the program which calls for applications will offer 12 weeks training and mentoring program. The 2018 TEF program remains open until March 1, 2018. Upon closure, by March 22, 2018, TEF will officially announce those who qualify for the program. Those who wish to apply can follow the procedure on their website. We encourage people with business utilize the opportunity and apply.

Speaking to Knight Ganje, the Local TEF ambassador, he said that the program will motivate entrepreneurs in their operations leading to their success. Moreover, he said that many African entrepreneurs have business ideas but lack mentors. Therefore, these entrepreneurs begin businesses and fail at initial stages. Furthermore, Ganje noted that the program will act as a business development toolkit which will motivate entrepreneurs. Knight Ganje was recently featured in Forbes Top 30 under 30.

While interrogating Shima Kealopa who also benefited from the program, he said that TEF program changed his thinking. He recalled that initially, he thought that only capital could enable one run a successful business. However, his mindset changed when he attended the program. He also narrated how he would knock on doors of financial institutions like CEDA and LEA while seeking funds. Currently, Shima Kealopa runs an ICT company, and he benefitted from 2017 TEF program. He also asked many people to apply for 2018 TEF program since they intend to reach 5,000 entrepreneurs in Botswana.





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