The Role Played by Cairo in Africa’s Startup Revolution


Cairo in Egypt is one of the most developed cities in Africa. CE Fatimid Dynasty founded Cairo in 1963. Cairo is the capital of Egypt, and it has a population of 6.76 million people staying in it. Around 10 million people have the opportunity to live on its outskirts.  The Al-Azhar University found in the city makes it the second oldest city of higher learning globally. The city is not only known Egypt’s film, and music industries but also the Arab League headquarters. Furthermore, it is the home of many international media organizations and businesses. The healthcare facilities in the city can only be compared to a few in the continent. Cairo has half of the hospitals that serve the country’s population.

Cairo has a strong and modern infrastructure, and it has not less than 20 universities. Some of the Cairo based learning institutions include Nile University, Arab Open University, Arab Academy for Science & Technology and Maritime Support, Cairo University. Besides, the rapid growth of Cairo has led to massive constructions of buildings. It is projected that one out of every five buildings being 15 or fewer years old.

Cairo contributes much to the African startup revolution. The city is one of the best startup homes in Africa. Cairo’s population that aged 30 years or below contributes much to its high startup growth. Also, they have the quench to know more about technology. Furthermore, the city realizes a higher growth in both mobile and web-based industries. Currently, the city’s e-commerce market is at $450 million. Moreover, the e-commerce market only will rise by more than 35% in the next two years.

However, research proved that it is quite hard to start a business in the city. Averagely one requires a starting capital of almost $1,500. The city’s based entrepreneurs use innovative approaches in running their businesses. They instill environmental friendly and socially conscious ways in operating their business. This gives them an upper hand in the market.

Cairo is also a home of companies. A good example is the Nafham educational platform. The name came from an Arabic word which means we understand. The platform intends to fill the education gap in Egypt. It does that by giving free videos through its platform that has many users. Furthermore, it has 2 million page views that it uses to cover the whole Egyptian curriculum. Another company found in the city is the Reform Studio. The platform aims at making the city clean by making use of the unused plastic bags.

Lastly, there is Flat6Labs Company in Cairo. The company focuses on mentoring and improving new ideas. It also creates more employment opportunities.  The company has created more than 700 employment opportunities and mentored more than 220 entrepreneurs. Moreover, it has helped more than 100 companies.


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