RiseUp Summit to be Held in Cairo, Egypt


The Middle East and Northern Africa (MENA) top organization, RiseUp Summit in collaboration with Algebra Ventures, which is Africans leading venture capital fund have organized event in Cairo. The summit is expected to assemble all the twenty top promising startups from five NEMA countries to Cairo for the yearly RiseUp MENA HIPOs program by Riseup from 1st to 3rd December 2017.

The program is aimed at giving startups access to the rare resources, opportunities, and tools to help them in expanding their business and help them widen their market. The listed high potential (HIPOs) are from all the NEMA regions including the Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the kingdom of United Arabs Emirates who collectively managed a funding of $ 159 million.

RiseUp Summit Manager, Dalia Kamar said that the platform has been in a position to connect MENA countries with resources all the way from 2013 through the success of the region has been slow and compromised making the investors lay down many questions to the platform managers. The HIPO program, therefore, is meant to answer frequent questions from the investors.

The United Arabs Emirates is proud of its best six techs with the most funding within the 20 HIPOs with the most eruptive solution providers Fetchr, ReserveOut and Bayzat inclusive. Lebanon has upcoming techs which include music platform Anghami which has 57million users, the IoT development firms. The same Jordan has Kharabeesh a firm targeting digital creators and Liwwa which offers trading markets and financial assets.

From the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia comes two destructive startups Lamsa, the Arabic edutainment-based platform for the young, PayTabs the leading online payment Solutions Company. Egypt comes with the largest number of startups with eight coming from the land. Startups from Egypt includes Crowd Analyzer, the first social media thoughts analyses network in Arabic, Elves, the personal virtual assistance, Arabs, which is the developer of the particular software’s, and Si-Ware Systems a global assistant conductor innovator all of which are joined by healthcare.

The RiseUp Summit is expected to be attended by 5000 people, and it will offer a platform to the HIPOs to get the scrutineer from the media, lawyers, and mentors who are experts of the current tech innovations helping them to share their ideas with the platform. Education opportunities will be available to the HIPOs from some distinct Universities and education networks worldwide. There will be some special minor events apart from the main one like MENA HIPOS Dinner catered for by Algebra Ventures and the MENA HIPOs Breakfast that will be facilitated by STRIPE both of which will be only for those invited.


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