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5 Startups to Watch in Egypt in 2021

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TechInAfrica – The Middle East is home for a number of startups but no one is growing as quick as Egypt. Investment in Egypt experienced the biggest jump In 2018 almost 7 percent. It was a tremendous growth, Egypt seemed to almost take control of startups in the East. Here are 5 startups to watch in 2021.

  1. Vetwork

Vetwork helps you as the pet owner to get easy access to anything about animal care that the furry need. Vetwork serves a lot of services related to animal care just with few clicks in the application. It’s easy to use, users only need to order then the clerk will come to the users home.

  1. Etgawez

Etgawez is a platform that makes couples easily plan their wedding. With Etgawez, Egyptian is made easy to look for a lot of services related to wedding planning such as venues, hairdressers, videographers, photographers and so on. With order using Etgawez, user also can get discount amount 5%-20% each services.

  1. Vezeta

Vezeta is the biggest Nigerian Health care platform. By using Vezeta, Nigerian is meade easy to look for the practitioner around. Users can search their existence by the area of focus, name, and location. Then, there will be a lot of practitioners who are selected to be selected one.

  1. MayDay

The fourth of 5 startups to watch in Egypt is MayDay. This platform exists to help drivers when faced with various kinds of problems on the streets like a mobile vehicles repair shop. With MayDay, drivers can easily invite mechanics to resolve their mechanic problem on the street.

  1. ArabJobs

The last for 5 startups to watch in Egypt is ArabJobs. This app will help users to find their suitable jobs. Users who are joining ArabJobs will get real-time information such as available positions in the company to be applied immediately. Then, job seekers also are able to look for their suitable employment by sorting the CV they have submitted.


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