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Bolt Kenya Goes Green With New Electric Motorbikes, Scooters

credit: Bolt EU

TechInAfrica – Going green has been ticked on-demand transportation service (formerly Taxify) with the launch of electric scooters and e-motorbikes, making it the first initiative of its kind in Africa.

“This is a great step towards realizing environmentally conscious ways for people to move around in the city, reduce our ecological footprint, decrease air pollution and increase access to clean transportation modes,” says Hillary Miller-Wise, Regional Director, Bolt Africa.

Edgar Kipngetich Kitur, the Country Manager of Bolt Food explained that deliveries will be done with tuk-tuks (scooters) and bicycles within Nairobi. “Our customers will now have more-ecofriendly and sustainable options to choose from while still enjoying the same great door-to-door deliveries experience from Bolt Food.

“We are committed to transforming the food delivery sector in Kenya and we continue to invest in innovative products that enhance quality service delivery and great customer experiences at affordable costs.”

“Our core business is to provide reliable, safe, and affordable transportation services to everyone and we are excited to make travel easier and smarter across the country. We are humbled to offer Kenyans more choices to move and conduct their businesses smartly in cities,” concludes Miller-Wise.

Miller-Wise concluded that the go-green move will make travel ‘easier and smarter across the country. “We are humbled to offer Kenyans more choices to move and conduct their businesses smartly in cities.”



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