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5 Startups to Watch in Kenya in 2021

credit: Jopwell

TechInAfrica – Kenya have over 600 hundred startups that is made possible by the hubs of innovation and programs of the accelerator. Kenya has a great internet access and contributors also that is supporting this country to grow start up. Here are 5 startups to watch in Kenya.

  1. Fuzu

First for the 5 start up to watch in Kenya is Fuzu.  Fuzu is an online recruitment platform that help job seeker to get their dream job. Fuzu have launches since  2015. For those of you are looking for a job, you have to try Fuzu. There are already more 800.000 people using this platform.

  1. Flare

Flare helps you to connect easily with an ambulance through the phone. This apps present because it takes a long time for people in Kenya to get an ambulance. Besides, the doctor and patients also find hard to find an ambulance timely. By using this app the communication in between will be easier.

  1. Pesa Bazar

Pesa Bazar will helps you to compare with a lot of different insurance options. It aim for make you easily find your best assurance because this application can inform us various of insurance in detail such as medical, life, police, etc.

  1. Lakt

With Lakt your finance will be fun. Lakt offers you finance management, education that are easy to use. Lakt is designed for the millennial generation to make the banking experience simpler. Trust it, this application will make your financial management better and less wasteful of money.

  1. JamboPay

The last for 5 startups to watch in Kenya is JamboPay. JamboPay is platform between sellers who offer their services and goods and buyers who need their goods and services. This application is very practical making people in Kenya easily to get the services and goods they want quickly.JamboPay also supports various payment systems such as M-PESA, Airtel Money, Visa, MasterCard Debit, Bank payments, and credit cards.



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