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5 Startups to Watch in Zambia in 2021

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TechInAfrica – Zambia is a landlocked country in Africa which have 17 million population of people. This country also has a huge advertising audience which is being support system of Zambia making an innovative start up to establish their economic zone. So, without any further do. Let’s check it out 5 startups to watch in Zambia.

1.   Lima Links

First from the 5 startups to watch in Zambia is Lima Links. It is a marketplace that help you as a smallholder farmer to connect with wider agriculture. Lima links is offering a lot of product related to the agricultural input supplier, and organisations. Besides, Lima links also help government which is looking for smallholder farmers and bulk buyers

2. Zazu

Zazu is an application which will manage your finance easily and confidently. Zazu will help you to control your money because there are spending analytic and free debit card features. Of course, It’s best for personal use and business. For those of you who are interested, you can join Zazu freely.

3. Path Media

It is a creative digital group that will help you to achieve the goals of your business or organization by promoting them. With path media, both commitment and creativity will be brought to the table. Then, they will bring your business or organization success through graphic communication and marketing solutions.  

4. MPower

The number 4 of 5 startups to watch in Zambia is MPower. MPower is the answer to the pressing challenge financially in the market of developing countries such as Zambia. MPower has a scalable B2B business model that has cooperate with local brand or entrepreneur in order to distribute solar power to potential household market and Smes

5. Danaori

The last 5 startups to watch in Zambia is Danori. Danori will helps you to focus on investing your money. You can buy and sell real estate by invitation of fractional. Therefore, you will have no tenant and no responsibility



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