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5 Startups to Watch in Nigeria in 2021

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TechInAfrica – Nigeria is a country located at Western Africa and it have over 100 startups. Nigerian lead most of the investment in Western Africa. Of course, those startups aim to solve the problem there by doing exciting things. Of course 100 startup in Nigeria is too much if write down here. So as that, in this article we just serves you 5 startups to watch in Nigeria this years.

  1. Chaka

The first from 5 startups to watch in Nigeria is Chaka. Chaka is a digital investment platform in Nigerian which helps someone to invest foreign stock market. Of course, this platform gives opportunities for both local investors and foreign investors. The leader of this platform is Tosin Osibody.

  1. Vinsighte

Vinsighte are found by Kolawole Oluwatomisin, Erioluwa Morenikeji, Caleb Oyolala and Dairo Tosin in 2017. This startup launches to help anyone who has visual disturbances in order to get environment navigation individually. Vinsighte offers two solution such as Viri (guiding aid) and Visis (smart reading glasses)

  1. Neohaul Technologies

This startup was launched in 2018 by Bright Williams. This platform is supported by AI in order to track trucking operation in the real time. Therefore, the communication between the logistic and their partner will be easier.

  1. WeMove Technologies

It is a company in Nigeria that aims to builds solution in the sector of transportation. This startup found by Celestine and Chima Ezeokye, and Majid Tokurah.  WeMove will help the user to find and hire the vehicle they want as well as the owner of vehicles and the transportation companies which is offering related services.

  1. Bamboo

The last will be 5 startups to watch in Nigeria Bamboo is Bamboo. It is a Nigerian platform that is engaged in digital investment. This platform provide the user to get real time access to buy and sell the stock or hold it then. Bamboo’s mission is to increase investment opportunities of Nigerian in the American stock market


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