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Aerobotics Hits 10 Million Milestones Processed Trees and Vines in 5 Days Through Its AI Software


TechInAfrica – The Aerobotics’ CEO and Head of Growth, Tim Willis announced that the company has reached approximately 10 million milestones of trees and vines’ procession through Aerobotics’ software only in five days. The announcement was made during his presentation at the AfricaCom event held in Cape Town International Convention Center more than a week ago.

During the presentation, Willis also explained that Artificial Intelligence (AI) was their great tool to boost the agriculture sector. He moreover said that AI has helped Aerobotics’ software gone stronger and more efficient, thus, the processed data in the software is also more frequent.

Aerobotics hits 10 million milestones of processed trees and vines
Aerobotics hits 10 million milestones of processed trees and vines via

Willis said, “Today, we are proud to announce that we have processed 10 million trees in Aerobotics’ software, making our artificial intelligence and solutions stronger and more efficient. This is not just a major milestone for our company because of the massive number of trees we have processed, but also for the agriculture industry as we are better positioned to help tree and vine farmers around the world.”

How does Aerobotics process the data?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) via

Basically, Aerobotics uses data from drone and satellite imaginary then process them through its AI software in order to identify and solve issues affected on trees or vines on a farm. Furthermore, the software also does the measurement of size, height, and canopy volume. All the information about Aerobotics’ AI software can be found on its website as well as mobile apps.

Willis also said about how the information had helped many farmers, “We are increasingly hearing from our farmers that the information we are able to provide them through our products and solutions is enabling them to make better decisions. Whether it is the early detection of varying vigor on wine farms, thrips on citrus farms or anything in between, farmers can mitigate damage to their crop earlier than they would have with just the naked eye.”

Over the past few months, the entire growth of processed trees has heightened significantly. Due to the significant increase, Aerobatics claimed that the farmers had a major role in the success. Moreover, it motivates them to create more innovations to level up their products and services to better serve global farmers.

Speaking about the success, the Co-Founder and the CEO of Aerobotics, James Paterson, stated: “We have made it a strategic imperative to keep the farmer at the forefront of our mission. Nothing happens in Aerobotics unless it benefits the farmer. We believe this is why we have seen such rapid growth over the last five months and why we expect this growth to continue.”


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