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Africa, Market of The 21st Century


TechInAfrica – Consumption in Africa will be the market of the 21st century. That’s Deloitte’s perspective in their recent study (in French only) that you can read here.

Here are a few facts about consumption in Africa for the 21st century to come:

  • 2010 population was 1 billion, with 355m people from the middle class. By 2060, population will be more than 2 billions, with 1.1 billion in the middle class.
  • Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Uganda and Mozambique are the countries with the biggest growth rate. Bigger economies like Nigeria, Egypt or South Africa are still having a steady growth.
  • 97% of people in Africa will have a mobile subscription by 2017. 30% of them with a smartphone.
  • 1/5 young africans have already bought a product online with its mobile phone.
  • Annual growth will be 7.7% per year between 2014 and 2017. At least twice of the one of developed countries.
  • African GDP will be 1,100$ billion higher than today in 2019.
  • Africa will be the second market for companies investments by 2017.
  • Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Lybia, Egypt, Sudan, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Angola and South Africa combined gathers 80% of the continent’s GDP.

You can read more here:


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