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African Music Streaming Platform Reaches a Record One Million Streamings


TechInAfrica – Just two weeks after its launch, Playfre – Africa’s first music streaming platform – has accumulated a record 100,000 unique streams. The platform – created by Nigerian entrepreneur Chika Nwaogu – aims to become the largest music streaming vehicle on the continent.

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Chika says that Spotify and many other major music streaming platforms have not yet opened their doors to most African countries due to weak intellectual property laws in these parts of the world, making these ingenious applications inaccessible to the African population. Those who opened their doors to us continue to charge us a monthly fee to play unlimited music, whereas Playfre offer you the 45 million songs of Spotify for free, with the same Spotify experience.

Today, just four months after its debut in application stores across Africa, Playfre announced that it has successfully passed the million-flow mark. With a library of over 50 million songs and 2 million artists, Playfre is currently the largest African music streaming service in terms of catalogue size. It has grown steadily in recent months, with an average of about 250 flows per registered user.

According to Chika, the music is not limited to the 5,000 registered users on the platform – it is freely accessible to all those who download the application. However, he notes that Playfre is seeking to restrict streaming music in order to increase the number of registered users in the future.

Playfre is the first African music streaming service to join the International Digital Media and Arts Association – an association dedicated to educators, practitioners, academics and organizations with an interest in digital media. Playfre wants to be more than just a music streaming service, it is also a platform that helps African artists monetize their creativity easily and freely. We hope that one day we will also help African artists get their content on local music streaming services in Africa and around the world.

Source: Itnewsafrica


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Africa’s Music Streaming App Playfre Hits 1 Million Streams in Less Than 4 Months After Launching

Africa’s Music Streaming App Playfre Hits 1 Million Streams in Less Than 4 Months After Launching