Africans to Get Connected to Various Opportunities


Ringier Africa One Africa Media (ROAM) and the Classified Group have been launched in Nigeria, aimed at connecting more Africans to opportunity across the continent. ROAM is operational in nine African countries Tanzania, South Africa, Uganda, Mauritius, Kenya, Senegal, Zimbabwe, Ghana, and Nigeria. The platform also operates in cars, real estates, jobs and general classifieds where a huge multiple of products can be sold or bought either by individuals or professionals. It brings together One Africa Media’s vertical classifieds businesses Jobberman, BrighterMonday, Cheki, BuyRentKenya and Private Property Nigeria with Ringier-Africa’s general classifieds Expat-Dakar, ZoomTanzania, PigiaMe and Qefira and property portal MaMaison, as new partners such as Mediatiz in Mauritius and and are expected to join the group soon.

The continent’s leading online classifieds and integrated media groups which came from the partnership of Ringier Africa AG’s Classifieds and One Africa Media, as the launch will start business synergies across Africa that will give a chance to both buyers and sellers to benefit from an unusual ecosystem and technology platform this is the words of  the Head of Verticals, Jobs, ROAM, Opeyemi Awoyem. The company was privileged to contribute to the positive disruption that digital solutions bring to African markets. Many markets are still highly non-transparent, informal and fragmented. Buyers are typically overcharged due to asymmetrical information, and jobseekers defrauded by illegal companies.

The company’s objective is to empower Africans through transparency and transform markets through technology. The company felt positive after the merger that will see not only ROAM but also their customers and Small-Medium-sized-entities (SMEs) who will benefit significantly by getting a variety of products in plenty. According to the Head of Verticals, Jobs, ROAM, Opeyemi Awoyemi, the innovation that is aimed to win Africa will bring people closer to opportunities across the continent.

Africans are in a position to get a job across Africa easily as the firm aims at reducing the unemployment gap making it easier for graduates to get jobs easily both from the private and public sectors this is according to the Chief Executive Office, Jobberman Nigeria, Adewunmi Ayodeji.


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