Africar Group Expansion in Africa makes them establish bases in 10 more Countries


Barely a couple of months after Africar Group raised undisclosed six digits US dollars in 2018, they are almost concluding their expansion in Africa. Africar Group mainly offers a marketplace for its buying and selling cars. It has its headquarters in Sydney, Australia and has received support from international investors. Africar Group is also offering for its visitors, potential car, truck and bike buyers, in partnership with local companies, insurance, and financing options, in order to complete the whole customer journey. Africar Group has generated amongst the best-qualified leads for some insurance companies in Africa in terms of conversion rate.

Currently, they have various platforms in 40 different countries. The 10 new platforms have been established in Liberia, Mauritania, Comoros, Mauritius, Nigeria, Djibouti, Sudan, Republic of Congo, Central African Republic and Angola

Africar Group is trying to improve its business model by expanding in other states. Currently, their platforms are available in 15 local African languages which include Swahili, Amharic, Somali, Wolof, Yoruba, Hausa, Kinyarwanda, Oromo, Igbo and others. When the group began their operations, the platforms would only use English, French and Arabic.

Apart from offering car classifieds or marketplaces model, the startup now wants to beta test its new its new version with a full SaaS platform aimed to better service local cars, trucks, bikes and spare parts sellers, ranging from individuals to semi-professionals and professionals. Users are now able to manage their business online, including their inventory, as well as managing their leads, coming from various channels (websites, social medias, messaging apps and offline marketing campaigns. It will offer many paying services such as SMS campaigns and more.


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