Africell Holdings to Expand Its Operations in Sub-Saharan Africa

Africell Holdings, DRC, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Gambia

Many of African countries are now moving away from the 3G network and working on rolling out the 4G network. To compete favorably with their competitor’s many mobile operators are working to install the 4G networks. Africell Holdings is working on expanding its mobile network operator in sub-Saran Africa. The company has secured a new syndicated loan worth $116.5 that will help it achieve the goal. The company is operational in DRC, Uganda, Sierra Leone, and Gambia.

It has attributed its success to the management strategies and the community it works for. The good management structures have helped it to deliver better services to its customers. But it has had commotions with customers. This came after it failed to register Ugandan locals who have passports and IDS. But they have instead signed up expats. This can lead to the slowing down of its growth and the losing of investors’ money in case it is not solved.

The company agrees with the fact that there is a need to engage investors who understand well the company business model. Moreover, they should understand the company’s market. This will help it work on solutions that boost its growth. Lintel Capital UK Advisors LLP is the adviser of Africell Holdings. It facilitated an investment deal that will last for 5 years. The deal is between the company and a partnership of 4 international investors. The investors comprised of Gemcorp Capital that gets advises from Helios Investment Partners.

The company will use the 5 years deal to fund the rolling out of the 4G network in SSA. This will help in catering for the increasing demand for network coverage in the region. The deal marks another milestone for the Africell Holdings success. Further expansion of the company will help in trapping other untapped opportunities within the region. The good management structure of the company has helped it in sourcing for more investors both local and abroad.


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