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Modou NSZ N’jie: The Gambian Entrepreneur Who Uses Technology to Tackle Agricultural Issues


TechInAfrica – Modou NSZ N’jie is an entrepreneur who uses technology to address agricultural problems facing the Gambia. N’jie was an IT and Computer Science student at the Gambia Technical Training Institute. He then continued his study in the United States as well as India.

When he finished his overseas studies, he returned back to the Gambia and worked as an independent contractor for UNDP for about two years. He also worked as an IT Auditor for an accounting firm, Deloitte, for another two years. In addition to his experience working in the banking sector, N’jie took up a top management role in the Reliance Financial Services as an IT Manager. But then, he also quit the job.

Modou NSZ N'jie, CEO of Farm Fresh Gambia
Modou NSZ N’jie, CEO of Farm Fresh Gambia via

He didn’t have enough savings nor did he find a suitable business to do. He had no idea what he was doing. He jumped back to the finance sector, working as Head of Technology at GT Bank, Nigeria for two years. It was when he thought he was ready to start his own business.

Ever since, N’jie has developed several ideas, including N-Web Plus, GM Jobs,, Farm Fresh, and Money Farm.

In 2013, N’jie launched an online food store and delivery service, Farm Fresh. It was the first in the Gambia. The service helps farmers to deliver their fresh products directly to customers. Many of the users are Gambians who live overseas and they buy groceries for their families through the platform.

Farm Fresh Gambia
Farm Fresh Gambia via

In 2018, N’jie launched Money Farm, a crowd-sourcing business that connects farmers with investors who want to invest their money. The funding is used to develop its business operations.

N’jie often works with other parties to create impactful solutions that are beneficial for other Gambian innovators. He tries to change people’s preference in cash transactions to cashless systems like electronic cash wallets and card payment systems. He uses discounts and promos to attract those who are willing to go with the cashless systems.


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