Airopay launches into Africa’s biggest economy

Airopay is one of these apps invested in easing payments locally and internationally


There are so many digital payment apps across Africa. This is primarily fueled by the extensive penetration of smartphones and internet connectivity. The global pandemic has only exacerbated the use of electronic payments, as people move away from the use of cash.

Airopay is one of these apps invested in easing payments locally and internationally for individuals and businesses across Africa. This helps transmit local and international transactions from the comfort of your home. Users can even make direct payments within Nigeria, execute money transfers, and receive cash from different locations.

According to comments shared during the launch of the App, Charles John Oyakhilome, the CEO of Airopay revealed their intention to digitize payments across Africa and beyond. The app promises users a 16% interest rate on their savings and 24-hour access to loan services and smooth transactions.

Airopay started in 2014 and has since been improved upon to feature several layers of transactional security.  Azure security centers took part in its development, ensuring the platform is safeguarded from cybersecurity threats.

Africa’s electronic payments industry generated $19.3 billion worth in revenues in 2019. Several digital payment platforms have emerged. Banks and non-bank payment companies are encouraging digital payments to reduce the burden of covid-19 on SMEs and other private individuals.

You can find out more about the launch and how Airopay works at Techawk


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