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Allsale Club, New E-Commerce Platform Launches in SA


TechInAfrica – Allsale Club is a new subscription-based e-commerce platform established by Justin Drennan and co-founder Michelle Lehrer (who’s also the CEO). The e-commerce platform offers international brands at affordable prices. Additionally, it also challenges the supply and pricing paradigm of South Africa’s retail platforms like Bidorbuy, Takealot, and Zando.

Allsale Club promises to bring international brands to the local market. Its offerings range from every day’s items like cleaning products, razors, batteries, to luxury items like cosmetics, watches, fashion clothing, et cetera.

The co-founders of Allsale Club have proven experiences in SA’s retail sector. Drennan is the co-founder of Parcelninja and Meanwhile, Lehrer has experiences in launching retail brands in new markets. He began his retail career at ALDO International in Canada. She was also previously the General Manager of new business and strategic projects at Johannesburg-based distributor, House of Busby. via

To shop at Allsale Club, you need to be a member first. The monthly membership fee starting at 79 without contracts, lock-in periods or cancelation fees.

According to Lehrer, the subscription-based business model enables the company to provide products at lower prices as it gets income from the subscription fee.

Allsale Club works with suppliers around the world to bring more than half a million products to South Africans, many of which are not currently available on local shelves. We plan to disrupt retail sales in SA by using a business model which has flipped the switch on monetization. Subscription-based models are changing business models from ones which rely on fluctuating sales, to ones which can predict income with reasonable certainty, by receiving a recurring payment at regular intervals for access to a product or service,” said Lehrer.

Justin Drennan, Founder of Allsale Club
Justin Drennan, Founder of Allsale Club via

Drennan added that Allsale Club provides 500 international brands which are not available in SA as well as over 250 in the cosmetics and hair care categories. Members can get benefits from the lower prices without having to depend on discounts or promotions.

“We stock a range of items from the US and Europe – brands which South Africans love, such as Nike, Fossil Watches, Tommy Hilfiger, Ray-Ban. All the top fragrance brands such as Dove, Gillette, are also imported. We also provide brands that South Africans are less familiar with, including Hudson Jeans, Joe’s, Too Faced, Nars and Aveda.”

“We believe we are launching at a great time for consumers, as value businesses thrive in a recessionary environment. We offer everyday value and everyday great prices. We want to build trust that our prices are always what members pay,” Drennan concluded.



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