ALU and MEST in Partnership with Nairobi Garage Launch Their Operations in Kenya


TechInAfrica — The African Leadership University (ALU) and the Meltwater School of Entrepreneurial Technology (MEST) are going to launch their operations in Kenya where Nairobi Garage is chosen as the center of operation. They chose Nairobi Garage in the need to attract more Kenyans.

ALU offers a six-month leadership rogram called ALX while expanding its operations in Nairobi. The ALX program aims to empower potential individuals to launch careers of impact or their own venture. As it is operating in Mauritius and Rwanda, MES also wants to launch an incubator based in Rwanda from its Nairobi Garage home.

The Head of ALX, African Leadership Group, Victoria Peill said: “Nairobi Garage was chosen because it is the best at office operations, where it has been our main focus. It is great to have a custom-built solution and plug into the amazing network available at Nairobi Garage.

The Managing Director of MEST Africa, Aaron Fu also added, “MEST Africa has been focusing on expanding our operations across the continent. Being able to have a plug-and-play space and facility operations fully taken care of, enables us to set our focus to do the best and execute it faster. We really enjoy and are excited about extending network of businesses with Nairobi Garage.

Nairobi Garage is the largest co-working space provider Africa as it is covering 50,000 square feet in main business locations in the capital city of Kenya. It has been concentrating its effort to provide a comprehensive 360° workspace solution for these past years.

Nairobi garage via

The Director of Nairobi Garage, Hannah Clifford said: “As the supply of offices in Nairobi increases, businesses nowadays have many options to find solutions for their workplaces. Therefore, it is important for the business owners to find the best option that is suitable for them. We are delighted to welcome ALU and MEST as our network of members. The decision they made to trust Nairobi Garage with their workplace underscores the value of a well-managed and serviced-solution that further, gives access to a vibrant network and market.”


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