How Andela tech Startup Plans to Empower One-hundred thousand tech Developers in Africa by 2024

Jeremy Johnson, Iyinoluwa Aboyeji, Christina Sass, Ian Carnevale, Nadayar Enegesi, Brice Nkengsa launched Andela startup in 2014. The startup conducts coding to various tech companies around the world. The startup’s innovation helps in tech industry revolution in Africa. Chan Zuckerberg Initiative led the Series B funding of $24 million investment. They were joined by new investor GV (formerly Google Ventures) and existing investors including Spark Capital, Omidyar Network, Learn Capital, and Africa-based CRE Ventures.  The startup is currently having one thousand coders. The company also aims at attracting more customers in the future. It also enables the American tech startups to innovate in different regions. Moreover, it allowed these companies to operate from New York to San Francisco and Pittsburgh.

Mr. Sulyman, the company’s president of global operations came back to Nigeria after spending eleven years in America. He worked at a prominent tech company in the US. He studied at the Harvard Business School. According to the Company President, Seni Sulyman, the startup mentors the tech companies in Africa. He added that in ten years time, the company plans to empower 100,000 tech startups in the continent. During the same time, the US will have a short of 1,000,000 developers worldwide. He noted that the competition in this industry is so stiff. The applicants’ acceptance rate at Andela is 0.7% which is below one percent.

Hannah Masila, Andela’s developer explained that her intention was to inspire youths. She added that young entrepreneurs need just to believe in themselves. She grew up in Kenya with a fixed mindset in farming. She advanced her education in the field of engineering. After completing her studies, she was a problem solver in her family and to the community. She used to fix default TVs among other electronic devices. She decided to go back to Nigeria to develop her online tech startup.

The U.S investors support software training programs in Nigeria. The African countries attract many tech startups globally. The tech startups received over a half billion dollars in 2017 startups’ funding.


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