Auto tech startup MotoMatch improves on vehicle trade-in for customers

MotoMatch is disrupting the traditional automotive sales process


MotoMatch has fully adapted to the Covid-19 pandemic and plans on expanding its reach through digital technology. Consumers can now access its dealer network when comparing the sale prices of  vehicles. Once a consumer offers his or her vehicle to the dealer network, customers can get to view the potential replacement vehicle on the network in real time.

To guarantee secured purchases, customers are matched with highly reputable dealers so as to reduce the risk of theft, scams, or non-approved buyers. Vehicle platforms guarantee the privacy of users as personal information becomes available to dealers once customers pick their most preferred option.

In 2019 auto platform MotoMatch launched in South Africa to match buyers and sellers and vice versa. Dubbed as a sort of ‘tinder for motor vehicles’ the new platform gives dealers an opportunity for customers to call dibs on cars up for sale while generating leads.

If classifieds act as virtual showrooms giving customers a virtual walk-in experience, Motomatch intends to do just that. Covid-19 has reduced the sale of vehicles and parts alongside car servicing resulting in rightsizing and increased financial control in the local retail motor industry. Motomatch has also launched features such as “Rent-to-buy” alongside other market warranties and vehicle refinance options.

The platform also offers new tech trends that help in innovating the next generation of car sales. Buyers and car dealers can communicate regularly on Whatsapp and instant messaging.

You can download MotoMatch here


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