Innovative SA-made oxygen therapy equipment to aid in fight against Covid-19


The South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (Sahpra) has approved a portable and cost-effective device that delivers high levels of oxygen to Covid-19 patients effectively preventing their lungs from collapsing.

This innovation was created by a team of East London-based volunteers comprising of doctors, entrepreneurs, and engineers. The newly approved device will be manufactured and distributed by Gabler Medical. Dr. Craig Parker a medic working in anaesthetics were worried that South Africa would face similar hospitalization levels to that of Europe and set up a social enterprise in March 2020 called Umoya. They drew their inspiration from scuba diving equipment and technological advances in 3D printing – enabling them to build a working prototype in 2 weeks and a final design in 7 weeks.

OxERA, is also referred to as oxygen-efficient respiratory aid, helps where there are a large number of Covid-19 patients and unskilled workers, no ICU, high care facilities, or bulk oxygen supplies. This helps bridge the gap between standard oxygen therapy through face masks and other non-invasive mechanical ventilation akin to that in the ICU.

Find out more on this innovation, use of oxygen, the ess rate on field tests, and production and distribution at Bizcommunity.


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