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South Africa startup Sisebenza Spaces launches first space-as-a-service platform


Alas, the world now understands the covid-19 virus and seems to be managing the pandemic scientifically. There are no more scenes of confusion, overwhelmed medical workers, and patients lying on the floors due to over-capacity. Businesses are emerging from the lockdown with little if any revenues to salvage, a trend that will mandate serious cost-cutting measures. One way this is achieved is through co-working, flexi, shared, and virtual offices.

Sisibenza Spaces, whose parent company is Sisibenza, has disrupted the property and tech markets by launching South Africa’s first online aggregator for co-working, flexi, shared, and virtual office spaces. One consolidated platform helps clients with their space needs, sourcing, analysis, costs, and contracts. Sisibenza Spaces can be accessed at hosting 250 plus spaces countrywide.

 Andrew Robinson, the co-founder & executive director at flexi co-working spaces expressed, “Our experience enables us to get the best outcome for every client.”

Mr. Robinson views their business model as space as a service rather than a liability, where space takes the form of a subscription service. You can use it for whatever duration you please, and tailor-make the value-added services you deem fit, e.g receptionist, meeting rooms, etc.

Different companies take different space requirements, thus Robinson believes their business model can save companies the trouble of long leases, so they can redirect their focus on business recovery.


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