Aviro Health launches chatbot for patients at high risk in South Africa

The chatbot has helped safeguard vulnerable individuals from exposure to COVID-19


Avio Health announced a partnership with the Western Cape Health Department in developing an automated chatbot application system running on WhatsApp. The chatbot helps in delivering chronic medication to patients at their homes while allowing high-risk chronic patients confirm their existing appointments. Through the new system, there will be less crowding and a more orderly queuing process – vital during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The chatbot is now available to Cape Town residents who can confirm appointments, confirm appointments, and order medicine for home-based delivery. The soft launch was in May 2020 and has thus served over 2000 patients. Developers are now looking for smart ways to improve the system by allowing non-patients to access its functions. Most users heard about the app solely through word of mouth. Requests spanned across Cape Town from Mitchell’s Plain, Edgemead, Plumestead, Cape Town Metropole, and the CBD.

Aviro CEO Dr. Musaed Abrahams has an extensive background working in HIV clinics, previously working as the MSF HIV training director. He has also developed an eLearning course on HIV and the South African National Department of Health counseling syllabus.

Aviro purposes to address real-life health challenges by building digital tech apps. The startup works with all health stakeholders from NGOs, government, private & public sectors, and businesses.

April to May the Western Cape health department delivered packages with 159,000 pre-packed chronic medication to vulnerable patients across the city. This aimed at mitigating their exposure to COVID-19.  All patients were given a 2 month steady supply of chronic medication. On completion, health workers can resupply them at their homes. Thanks to the new digital Aviro Chatbot approach, the process is way more convenient and organized.

Find more details about the launch here:



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