Ayoba, an African messaging service, currently boasts 25 million monthly active users


Ayoba, the African super app backed by MTN Group, has passed 25 million monthly active users as it celebrates its fourth anniversary.

Ayoba is a super instant messaging app released in 2019 and owned by MTN. It gives private peer-to-peer messaging that is encrypted from end to end. The platform gives users free access to various digital and media services, such as chat and call features, channels, micro-apps, and payment solutions.

Ayoba is a crucial component of MTN’s Ambition 2025 plan, which intends to attract 100 million monthly active customers by 2025. MTN just said that Ayoba now has more than 25 million regular users every month, which is up from 20 million in December 2022.

Even though the platform is offered worldwide, it strongly focuses on the African continent. Key markets include Nigeria, Cameroon, South Africa, Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire, Uganda, and The Republic of Congo.

Ayoba says that in 2023, it worked on improving its contact and content features. As a result, the number of messages went up by 35%, the number of stories and VoIP calls went up by 16%, and 88 million people looked at cards about entertainment, education, food, fashion, and other topics.

Ayoba also added a new landing page called “Explore” to its Android version, which is currently in the test phase and will be rolled out to key regions.

This page has a simple layout that makes it easy to get around, shows off Ayoba’s hand-picked, high-quality content, and brings out themes for users. The company wants to keep improving and adding new features to improve the Ayoba experience.




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