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Brandbook Launches Mobile App


Brandbook is a South African based company that helps to reward the customer’s loyalty. The firm officially launched its mobile app which is mainly aimed at quantifying the customers on various activities and retail buying. The company that was founded by three individuals started operating in 2016. The company’s founders were Bakuena Ntshasa (CEO), Nomtha Gobe (COO), and Rorisang Posholi, the head of sales.

The platform improves its sales by making communication more reliable via the use of geo-fence and beacon technology. The firm which is based in Pretoria town also assists customers in finding up-to date information on some brands like Pick n Pay, Spar, Woolworths, Edgars, fruit and Veg and many more.

According to Ntshasa, the company rewards customers in various activities like visiting partner stores, scanning some selected product barcodes, refueling at selected petrol stations, signing up at any gym, and uploading purchase receipt. The various marketing campaigns run by the company attend to the challenges faced by retailers.

Before the launch of the mobile app, the company had found equity and grand funding. The application comes with some features such as Brandbook Proximity and Brandbook Traffic. Brandbook Proximity is a location-based marketing and engagement service that is given to partners to help them operate notification initiatives to their customers. Brandbook Traffic is an app that drives foot traffic to partner stores using visit incentive to the user after they have scanned the quick response code that is placed at the entrance of the store.

Apart from its operations in South Africa, the startup is also found in Namibia and Lesotho. It also offers customer engagement services to weigh consumer behavior and preference. The information collected helps retailers to predict how customers will respond to specific products launches and discounts. The company is aiming at improving their reward system by not only relying on gift cards by 2018. The launching of an iOS version of the app is expected early 2018.


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