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How To Build An Outstanding Ride-Hailing Business from The Scratch with Onde’s White Label Solution


TechInAfrica – Being a successful developer of an all-in-one white-label platform for ride-hailing (uber-like, taxi, call it whatever you want) business, Onde knows how to start the company and make it prosperous. Onde provides services to more than 200 clients from all over the world including Africa, and each of them has own stories of success and failure.

What are these stories and what could we learn from them?

How Kaiian Broke Into the Ride-Hailing Market in Saudi Arabia  

Kaiian, a ride-hailing service provider based in Saudi Arabia was launched in the city of Al-Kharj. The company’s services later spread to Hail and Yanbu.  Within a period of two months, the company expanded across 30 towns and the ride hailing business is still growing. What makes Kaiian so successful within a short period? 

First, the company has a white label solution app designed by Onde. The high performance app along with its user-friendly interface makes it easier for commuters to request for Kaiian’s services seamlessly.

Within a short while, the company was considered a vibrant alternative to Uber and Careem. As such, attracting new commuters and drivers was easier as the company’s strong reputation helped it build a loyal customer base.   

Bader ALarjani, Kaiian’s founder was once a taxi-chauffeur and his experience came to bear when he wanted to learn more about the best methods for reaching customers. Bader worked as a driver for several days and chatted with several customers to figure out how best to reach them.  The company had to use Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram to reach a wider audience. 

The ride-hailing company is now planning to break into major cities such as Riyadh and Mecca because they have a reliable app that makes them break into new markets easily.

How Tirhal Became the Market Leader across Sudan  

Tirhal, a ride-hailing service provider based in Sudan was established by two friends who were eager to transform the transportation sector of the country. The company was established in response to the void created by the weak transportation system in the country.

Since the two friends who launched the company had no prior experience about taxi business, they had to rely on Onde to help them build a game-changing app to herald a new innovation in Sudan’s transportation sector going forward.

The company’s founder, Mohammed was smart enough to adopt the use of artificial intelligence and the newest mobile technology solutions provided by Onde right from the launching of the business. Seven months after the on-demand business was launched, the company had 1,700 fleets and they welcomed 20 new drivers’ applications per day.  

In less than a year, Tirhal became the market leader in the entire Sudan with over 2000 cabs and hundreds of thousands of customers. Ever since, Tirhal has been scaling swiftly and launching new services every two months.      

How LEFA Transformed Windhoek’s Transport System  

LEFA, an on-demand mobile transport service based in Namibia was launched by a team of tech optimist. The team strongly believes that the combination of their business ideas and Onde’s groundbreaking technology will open new doors for more opportunities in the country. 

Regardless of the tough challenge they faced because of low budget, the on-demand transport service was eventually launched and LEFA has been scaling swiftly ever since.  The brains behind LEFA were never afraid to upset the transport sector in the country. 

Rather, they were eager to create more rooms for development, new possibilities, and new jobs – and they achieve exactly what they wanted. Soon after LEFA was launched, it became popular almost immediately. 

LEFA’s on-demand transport services are available in Windhoek and nearby areas. The company also provides transfer services for Hosea Kutako International Airport. 

LEFA’s founder Melkiesedek-Shivute Ausiku, noted that commuters felt safe while riding in their fleets. With the app, commuters can view a driver’s profile, ratings, the precise time the car will arrive, and the exact cost of each ride. 

On the other hand, drivers too can rate customers, receive cashless payments and be certain that their entire experience is dependable and transparent.  

You too can be a successful entrepreneur in the ride-hailing industry. 

Join Onde’s Ride.Right.Now Conference in Belarus! 

If you’re interested in the ride-hailing industry in whatever capacity, Onde is offering the opportunity for you to learn all you need to know about the industry and how to build a successful ride-hailing business from the scratch.

Join Onde and other ride-hailing industry leading experts, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs at the Ride.Right.Now Conference in Belarus.  

Bader ALarjani the founder of Kaiian based in Saudi Arabia is one of the speakers and he will share his experience at the conference. Also, LEFA’s founder Melkiesedek-Shivute Ausiku, will be speaking at the conference to help you learn more about the ride-hailing business.  

The Ride.Right.Now Conference is scheduled to hold on October 18th and 19th, 2019 in Minsk, Belarus. Learn all you need to know about participating in the Ride.Right.Now Conference to be a part of one of the fastest growing industries worldwide.   


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