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LocTransie Launches in South Africa: Parents Can Worry Less


TechInAfrica – More often than not, parents would be deeply troubled about their children’s whereabouts whenever they’re not at home. Not only for African parents, but fathers and mothers across the world experience the same turmoil and sometimes excessively worry about their safety of their kids—and that’s completely normal for them to be. Although such problem may be addressed by simply asking the children, many regards this solution as still less practical due to some kids’ unresponsive nature.

But hey, I don’t judge.

LocTransie, a South African startup, offers parents the knowledge regarding their children’s whereabouts by tracking various scholar transport facilities in real-time. Engineered prudently by Ginini Consulting, LocTransie is designed to promote security in transports where communications are deemed as a challenge for schools and parents—eventually reassuring both sides that the children are safely picked up and are sitting comfortably on their seats. Notifications can also embody in the form of SMS, locating the child at any given moment during their school transport route. Parents can now worry less whenever their children are doing extracurricular activities, formal academic learnings, or even school excursions. Delays and detours will also be informed via notifications.

Ginini Consulting via

LocTransie, derived from the words locate and transie—a local slang meaning transport—offers users a family-friendly interface so that parents will have minimal trouble operating the app. A feature that allows us to compare scholar transport services in our area is also feasible for use, as well as the function to fully manage the children’s information shared in the flourishing app.

Free for use and to download via App Store or Google Play, developers of LocTransie also offer to manifest full maintenance support—including product updates and upgrades for a better, more sustainable security experience regarding the children.



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