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Cameroon is preparing for it’s largest tech start-up summit


Cameroon’s new business community prepares for this year’s Silicon Mountain Conference. This year, the focus will be on developing local solutions for a sustainable digital economy. It is said to be the biggest tech event in the country.

The conference will take place in Buea, a city on the eastern side of Mount Cameroon, from November 10 to November 12.

The conference’s organizers claim it would advance an innovation and entrepreneurship agenda by highlighting the solutions that young entrepreneurs operating within its ecosystem are developing. Participants will discuss together the reasons why many of these solutions are not utilized on a local level.

Activities in Silicon Mountain’s three different hubs are among the program’s highlights. The final conference day will include global and local speakers from the tech and entrepreneurial worlds and a series of exhibitions at the Chariot hotel.

Entrepreneurs, software engineers, graphic designers, and techies will exhibit their newest technologies and inventions, giving attendees a unique opportunity to get an up-close look at these cutting-edge developments.

Exhibitors and attendees at the conference are said to benefit from the chance to share and learn from experienced entrepreneurs, find new technologies and talents, network, and, most importantly, make new connections and relationships that will help Cameroon’s tech ecosystem grow.

For more information about the Silicon Mountain Conference, click here.




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