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Carry1st has purchased Gebeta from Qene Games.


Carry1st, Africa’s top mobile games and interactive content publisher, has acquired Gebeta. This Qene Games product pushes African culture to the pinnacle of global awareness and authentic portrayal through gaming.

Gebeta is a mobile board game similar to mancala, but it is more fun.

When the game was released in 2019, it soon attracted a large audience, and when combined with its impressive visuals, it stood out from the competition, earning the 2020 AppsAfrica Best App of the Year award.

To launch Gebeta in November 2020, Carry1st first went into a multi-year global cooperation with the developer Qene Games of Ethiopia. Carry1st, a famous games publisher, has the management skills to ensure the game’s growth and success as an African-made game.

Early in the collaboration, when both companies identified a chance for mutual profitability and, after careful examination, concluded that the acquisition would help achieve the purpose, discussions regarding the acquisition began.

“This acquisition is a big milestone for Qene Games, as it confirms our team’s hard work and dedication in creating enjoyable and engaging games,” says Dawit Abraham, the company’s founder. 

It also gives us more chances to broaden our influence and establish connections with others. 

We see this as a springboard for more partnerships with Carry1st, and we are looking forward to exploring fresh avenues and chances for expansion in the gaming sector together.

The acquisition gives Qene Games its first game exit, a long-term royalty, and a significant endorsement of the caliber of its offerings. Additionally, it enables the business to concentrate more on extending its platform and library.

In a much smaller position, Qene Games will continue collaborating with Carry1st to help Gebeta grow and develop to realize its full potential. Qene Games will also be in charge of publishing the game in its native Ethiopia.

With the recent debut of Kinet, an innovative platform for game monetization in Africa that offers subscriptions, esports tournaments, in-app purchases, and adverts, the company has been making waves as a pan-African game studio.

Now, Qene Games is concentrating on using Kinet to assist other African game developers in commercializing their works while also growing its library of interesting and enjoyable games. To further strengthen its position in the scene, the gaming corporation is also attempting to forge stronger alliances with other technology suppliers in the African gaming sector.

Carry1st intends to dramatically boost the resources allocated to Gebeta’s development and global launch preparation. The publisher expects Gebeta to rank among the most well-known Mancala titles on the market.

“We are happy to purchase Gebeta, one of the most promising free-to-play mobile games out of Africa,” says Cordel Robbin-Coker, Co-Founder and CEO of Carry1st.

Mancala has a strong cultural foundation in frontier markets. Gebeta’s contemporary adaptation has laid the groundwork for what we predict will be a major mobile game in Africa and beyond.

We appreciate our collaboration with Qene Games and the chance to keep advancing the African mobile games market.

About Qene Games

Qene Games is a startup backed by venture capital that makes original African games and publishes games that inspire the next generation to think of ways to improve the world.

Through mentoring, hiring, and skill upgradation of African game creators, Qene intends to increase the gaming capability on the African continent. 

The first game development studio in Ethiopia is called Qene Games. Qene, the company behind the smartphone games Kukulu, Gebeta, Feta, and Tras, received the Apps Africa Awards for its first two games’ best entertainment app and best app of the year categories.

Visit Qene Games’ official website or email [email protected] for additional media inquiries. rebut

about carry 1st 

Carry1st is the biggest game and digital content publisher in Africa. By tackling challenging issues, the company, at the nexus of gaming, fintech, and web3, aims to scale unique content in untapped markets. 

To better commercialize content in the area, Carry1st creates, licenses, and distributes games and effectively monetizes them through Pay1st, a custom online marketplace and payment system.

Games like Call of Duty Mobile, Mine Rescue, and SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off has all been scaled by the firm. 

The 2018-founded business has funding from Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), BITKRAFT, Google, and Riot Games.




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