Confusions Brought by Information Changes in Website


All did not go well with after making changes in its website. This included labeling Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as Bitcoin and BTC as Bitcoin Core. This was not received well by the cryptocurrency community. This is because the changes were causing confusion. The main reason is that many cryptocurrency followers refer to Bitcoin Cash as BCH and Bitcoin as BTC. The information is at the disposal of almost everyone in the cryptocurrency world except the followers of BCH. It is important that our readers should not mistake with majors in the production of Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Bitcoin Cash took a different direction, from the real Bitcoin blockchain. Since then its backer has said that because of the BTC’s recent changes, its design looks like the way Satoshi Nakamoto earlier on foresaw Bitcoin closer compared to BTC. This is the main reason why BCH followers have been claiming the Bitcoin label for BCH by referring to BTC as Bitcoin Core.

The move by the supporters of BCH has to lead to confusion for cryptocurrency followers. should be ready to shoulder the blame. Many blockchain followers have blamed Roger Ver, the founder of This is because he has had several secret attempts to rename Bitcoin Cash to the original Bitcoin. Before enrolling BCH on its block explorer page as Bitcoin, the startup brought to the public Bitcoin Wallet to replace iOS which changed to Bitcoin Cash by mistake. Many lovers of cryptocurrency deemed the marketing to be a fraud. This is due to the fact that it was in a position to cause a massive loss of funds more so to those new to cryptocurrency.

According to the’s wallet, the system is powerful and simple full featuring BTC and BCH wallet. The features allow one to send and receive money with anyone across the world. But the change in the page is what led to the gang against the BCH by the cryptocurrency followers. This has led to a number of people to develop a website to crowdfund legal ways to cater for the legal fee. This is mainly for those who lost currency due to the changes. According to CoinDesk there is still doubts if at all the legal ways will bare any serious outcome.

The good news is that has agreed to bring down the misleading information from its website. This will help minimize the misleading information that was initially there. Vutalik Buterin Ethereum’s co-founder once said that it was not possible for Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash to exist harmoniously.


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