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Xend introduces its cryptocurrency payment API and wallet infrastructure


Xend Finance, a worldwide cryptocurrency bank formed in Africa, has announced the debut of a payment API called XendBridge and SwitchWallet, a free public wallet infrastructure. 

Xend Finance, which Binance and Google Launchpad  supports has crossed the milestone of one hundred thousand savers on its cryptocurrency banking app.

The introduction of XendBridge and SwitchWallet is an addition to the range of products that Xend Finance makes available to start-ups and enterprises so that they may access solutions for bitcoin payment and storage.XendBridge is the first cryptocurrency payment API in Africa, and it enables on-and-off-ramps for both the Euro and the United States Dollar (USD). At the same time, SwitchWallet provides African start-ups with the world’s first completely free wallet infrastructure.

In the past, blockchain start-ups in Africa that intended to support fiat currency found it very difficult to do so due to the limits placed on crypto by the Central Bank. Ugochukwu Aronu, CEO of Xend Finance said this. 

We have developed a solution that allows any start-up to easily receive remittances from the United States or Europe and to the on-ramp and off-ramp transactions involving the five most important local currencies, the Naira, the United States Dollar, the Euro, and the Ghanaian Cedis as well as Kenyan Shilling. 

When it comes to SwitchWallet, start-ups in the past have relied on international wallet services, which demand challenging KYBs and adhere to stringent restrictions. Now, start-ups have access to their first free wallet infrastructure, built to grow in Africa and comply with worldwide KYB standards.

P-2-P System 

XendBridge is a peer-to-peer infrastructure that enables businesses to interact between fiat currency and cryptocurrencies safely and securely. In addition to the United States Dollar and the Euro, XendBridge allows users to trade a wide variety of cryptocurrencies and digital assets, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Matic Bitcoin Cash, BUSD, BNB, Tether, Matic, USDC, and more.,

SwitchWallet is the first wallet service in Africa that does not charge fees, making it a pioneer in the industry to gain access to the Web3 business solutions, it is not difficult to integrate either XendBridge or SwitchWallet into any preexisting online application. Send Finance caters to consumers and provides several blockchain solutions tailored to the needs of enterprises.

According to Njoku Emmanuel, Chief Executive Officer of Lazerpay, “operating as a lean start-up, Lazerpay can save time and major development costs by making use of the solutions given with XendBridge and SwitchWallet.”We can connect their API and infrastructure and then concentrate on scaling our payment platform for companies worldwide.”

Send Finance has its headquarters in Enugu, Nigeria, and receives funding from various sources, including NGC Ventures, Binance, AU21 Capital, Google Launchpad, and Hash key, amongst others.




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