Development of Modern Sanitation in Gambia

Development of Modern Sanitation in Gambia


There is a call to invest in the modern sanitary facilities in the Gambia. Swedish technology is in the country to partner with the government and local organizations solve the problem. Sotokoto Technology Company is in Gambia to help the locals in the sanitary sector. The company was founded by Hellbom Magnus.

The company will partner with organizations and the government in the area of sanitation. The project deals with washing machines, latrine construction, and showers. The size and potential of The Gambia expectations for success in investment raised Magnus interest into the country. The company will be organizing a conference in Sweden. The conference will target to raise awareness of sanitation. The company also aims at having a partnership with the government and NYSS. The NYS is dealing with empowering young people.

The company will make modern latrine and shower devices to fit with the current demands. The project aims at assisting the Gambia in its modernization process. This is according to Sokoto Technology Company. This will be through designing and fabricating affordable sanitary facilities. The sanitary facilities will be driven by compressed air. The air will be produced by an electric compressor fed from a solar panel. The surplus electricity and surplus cleaned water can be used for household purposes.

Sanitation concept believes that local people are engaged and educated to take care of the recycling process. Mr. Drammeh brought to an end a countrywide youth tour as the youth ambassador. The tour promotes Gambia government vision in youth and sports development. The Minister of Youth and Sports commitment to transform the Gambia is also involved. It’s believed that through the partnership many health problems will come to an end. Many Gambian citizens get infections due to the poor sanitation hygiene. The money used by the government in the treatment of such individuals will be used in other sectors. People will enjoy staying in their environments due to the good air around.


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