Kenyan Tourism Sector to get 20% rise from Dei Technology

Dei technology

On Monday, January 15th, 2018, Dei Technology launched their social networking platform in Nairobi. Dei technology, which is a Ugandan startup intends to boost Kenyan tourism sector by 2018. Therefore, the platform allows the subscribers to share memories of the places they have visited with friends and family members. Besides, people can share videos as the platform markets products, activities and tour spots of their clients.

However, the platform was brought into Ugandan market in 2017 where it was tested. According to Paul Bamutaze who is the business development manager, he was optimistic that Kenya will receive 20% increment in tourism industry after adopting the platform. By using the platform, Dei markets various places in Africa that people may not know. Moreover, over billion places in Africa have not been explored and by promoting such areas, tourism booms.

Based on the current data, the cross-border movement across East Africa has been increasing at an annual rate of 2 percent from 2014.  East African Tourism platform reported that there were approximately 852,000 arrivals within the regional members.

The growth in cross-border movement is attributed to entertainment, education, and vacation to visit friends and families. Therefore, Paul Bamutaze encourages that people need to be educated to travel and visit others within the region.

Dei aims at ensuring that they reach out various stakeholders in tourism and travel sectors. The platform comes in Kenya at the time when internet users are 31.9 million and more than 37 million people have access to phones.


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