Kristel Cybersecurity Company Broadens Operations Across East Africa

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Sophos Reveals the Findings on Its Recent Global Survey—The Impossible Puzzle of Cybersecurity via

Kenyan cybersecurity firm Kristel has expanded its operations to Rwanda, Ethiopia, and Uganda to cater to the rising demand for its services in these regions.

The announcement was made during the recent unveiling of Kristel’s new look at the Royal Tulip Canaan Hotel.

Ben Obinju, CEO of Kristel, stated, “Kristel is the first and only locally founded cybersecurity distributor in Kenya. When we initially launched, we only offered Bitdefender. Since then, we have grown to offer over ten cybersecurity solutions, working with more than 140 partners in the region. With the advent of ransomware and malware, we have started to see serious cybercrime issues emerging. Our rebrand underscores our commitment to adapting to the evolving cyber threats, helping organizations invest in their cyber hygiene, and strengthening their defenses.”

Pablo Ruano, Bitdefender’s Regional Sales Director, highlighted the ever-evolving cybersecurity market, noting, “New attack vectors emerge daily. Kristel’s rebranding signifies their dedication to offering adaptable security solutions. Their new identity powerfully represents their steadfast commitment. They consistently push the boundaries of cybersecurity solutions while delivering unmatched reliability to their valued clients.”

Tom Gitogo, CEO of Britam, praised Kristel’s transformation, stating, “Kristel’s new look symbolizes the company’s role as a pioneering value-added cybersecurity distributor. It’s truly inspiring to see a Kenyan-owned enterprise like Kristel not only succeed locally but also make a significant impact throughout the East African region.”



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