DHL Global Forwarding Appoints Egidio Monteiro as the CEO for Southern Africa


TechInAfrica – DHL Global Forwarding has chosen Egidio Monteiro as the CEO for Southern Africa. DHL Global Forwarding is a leading international provider of air, sea, and road freight services. Monteiro will play his role as the CEO for Southern Africa starting from October 1, 2018. Before he starts, he will report to the CEO of DHL Global Forwarding for Sub-Saharan Africa, Daniella De Pauw.

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Monteiro has been a veteran in DHL with 17 years of experience in the industry. Before his appointing, he had been a Managing Director of DHL Express in Angola ever since 2014. During his leading period as the Managing Director, he had brought success for the business. Throughout the years, Monteiro has contributed in both DHL Express and DHL Global Forwarding divisions that covers many disciplines including express delivery, air freight, as well as oil and gas logistics.

The CEO of DHL Global Forwarding of the Middle East and Africa, Amadou Diallo, stated: “I am so excited with his going back to the division where he has implemented keen business proficiency as well as good leadership for all over the years of his devotion. His passion and enthusiasm for the growth of the business and his people make me confident that he will outplay in this role.”


Giving her opinion about Monteiro, the CEO of DHL Global Forwarding of Sub-Saharan Africa Daniella de Pauw, said: “For a result-oriented and growth-centric mindset as a business leader like Monteiro, it will be the perfect match for him since Southern Africa is economic potential in the future. His broad insights into different business and logistical needs will be useful, thus, allowing him to build and lead express delivery operation in Angola and in Sub-Saharan Africa starting from the ground level. I am looking forward to seeing how Monteiro will use his extent of expertise in Southern Africa and drive the region’s economic growth.”

Monteiro started his career in DHL Express in 2001 as an operation supervisor. He made a quick progress that led him to be a sales leader for oil and energy field and gateway hub operations. He then joined DHL Danzas in 2005 to lead air and ocean freight operations. In 2006, he joined Global Forwarding in Angola that focused on the intra-Africa trade where it included oil and gas logistics within Western Africa and air freight services in Central Africa.

He had become a Managing Director of DHL Global Forwarding for Angola from 2008 to 2011 and led his team to grow freight volumes and revenues quicker than the other African countries resulting in the highest growth rates in a single DHL market globally.

Egidio Monteiro, the new CEO of DHL Global Forwarding for Southern Africa commented: “With the opportunities to make intra-African trade grow bigger, it is the time for the continent to achieve more than they already have now both for our customers and for our network within the area.” He then added, “DHL has shown me a good work of ethics for over these years. The interest in logistics not only does help our customers but also create more career opportunities. The new role they have given me offers me an opportunity to maintain the work ethic culture and passion and share my experience to others in order to allow them to grow as logisticians as well as leaders in our business.”


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