Microsoft Partners with Lion@frica to Encourage African Startups


TechInAfrica – Microsoft supported the 7th edition of DEMO Africa both as a sponsor and partner that was hosted in Casablanca, Morocco on October 18 to 19, 2018. The company peered with Lion@frica initiative of the African Technology to encourage African startups with types of different Technology categories. There were 30 selected African start-up finalists in total.

Microsoft for Africa via

Microsoft 4Africa was launched in 2013 and have brought more than 700,000 small business online ever since. It has given financial support to 64 local start-ups, direct mentorship, as well as technical support to more than 100 start-up companies within the continent by boosting employment growth and skills acquisition. These startup companies that are supported by Microsoft 4Africa received reciprocal funding more than $5.1 million in total.

The African Startup Lead of Microsoft, Tarik Hilali says that Microsoft 4Africa uses DEMO Africa as a platform to identify and recruit highly potential startups into its own investment network. He also says that Microsoft 4Africa encourages SMEs and African start-ups to digitally transform as well as assures that they gain more profits, sustainable, and competitive. Not only does it collaborate with Lion@frica, but also with accelerators, innovative hubs, SME enablers, and other start-up organizations. Special for the 2018 Lions Innovation Tour in Silicon Valley, Microsoft gave sponsor to other 5 African start-ups to join the winners of DEMO Africa 2017.

DEMO Africa 2018

The upcoming DEMO Africa 2018 will include:

  • The DEMO Main Stage – includes engagement days where the 30 startup finalists will be given 6 minutes to explain and promote their products to the audience and judges to get feedback and inquiries.
  • The DEMO Pit – includes event attendees, technology buyers, and media will be given an opportunity to meet the start-up finalists at their booths located at the DEMO Pit.
  • The Ecosystem Enabler Series – includes a productive dialog between a combination of keynotes, panels, and fireside chats (industry leaders and innovative actors). The dialog will be about the future of African technology.
  • The Investor Round-table – includes an evaluation of current African investment and venture creation landscapes as well as sharing of best practice. The session is a collaboration with the African Business Angels Network.
  • Workshop and Masterclasses – includes a number of workshops and master classes within the venture creation value chain.
  • The LIONS@frica Innovation Awards – includes a selection of five start-ups to be the winners of the DEMO Africa that will be proceeded to Silicon Valley, California to join Lions Innovation Tour.

The team of Microsoft 4Africa will be joined in the Lions@frica Bootcamp and workshop programs as pre-DEMO Africa activities. Other experts of Microsoft Business divisions are also expected to be a part of the Lions@friBootcampamp team. They will deliver a robust training curriculum to support the 30 startup finalists through different levels of venture creation.

To join Microsoft and Microsoft 4Africa team at DEMO Africa 2018 in Morocco, please register yourself here


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