Falcongaze and Bitrate Provide SecureTower 6.2 in South Africa and Sub-Sahara Africa as an ITC Solution


TechInAfrica – As an ITC solution across Africa and Sub-Sahara Africa, Falcongaze through its partnership with Bitrate has provided a new version of Securetower 6.2. For the record, Bitrate has been in the field of business since 1999 through a partner network with hundreds of companies in the region of Sub-Sahara.

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Bitrate sets its focuses on Monitoring, IT Management, and Security. Through the new version of Securetower, it offers a solution to avoid the leaks of information, personnel monitoring, and fraud detection. It is called Data Loss Protection (DLP) & User Behavior Analytics (UBA) system Falcongaze SecureTower. The new version of SecureTower 6.2 provides updates and add-ons where voice recognition and Investigation Center module are the most noticeable.

Speaking of Investigation Center module, it is made to manage the work of security officers conveniently. It has a possibility to examine security incidents and create cases in SecureTower itself. Moreover, it makes the investigation progress, detects the individual intervention as well as automatically receives reports once the investigation is done.

The Head of Development Department of Falcongaze, Andrey Barmuta stated that the product they created has been through a continuous development of the overall solution to bring benefit to the organization. It is one of their main reasons to have revealed the concept of ‘DLP-system’ through the decade of work on SecureTower. They created a special product that works with data leaks dan closes a bulk of tasks on information and economic security. Regarding the utility of SecureTower, Barmuta added that it is the most recent of modern technology as well as investigation in the protection field.

In term of voice communication, it has replaced business correspondence lately due to its speed and convenience. SecureTower has been providing audio messages interception ever since many years ago that is stored in mail, web, and messengers, and control SIP telephony and headsets. The current voice recognition enables users to apply text search algorithms to the information that is transmitted by voice.

As a response to the new version of SecureTower, the Managing Director of Bitrate commented that SecureTower has strengthened their product portfolio—Security Life Cycle. The partnership with Falcongaze allows both organizations to provide an innovation DLP &UBA system to enable companies in South Africa and Sub-Sahara Africa to create a convenient safety-net.


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