The Digital Academy, Safaricom’s Training Program for Employees Cater to New Digital Careers


TechInAfrica – Kenya’s leading communications company, Safaricom, has announced a new program called The Digital Academy aims at empowering and training employees seeking to thrive to new digital careers. As part of the effort, Safaricom has trained its 60 staff and located them in new roles.

The program helps Safaricom to bridge the lack of tech talents whereas customers have shifted significantly to digital lifestyles. According to the company, the growing demand of data scientists, data analysts, and new-age programming experts are driven by the digital transformation.

Michael Joseph, CEO of Safaricom, said, “Safaricom operates in a fast-paced environment where technology is ever-changing. Recent advances have automated sections of our network meaning that certain careers will soon no longer be necessary.”

The Digital Academy, Safaricom's Training Program for Employees Cater in New Digital Careers
The Digital Academy, Safaricom’s Training Program for Employees Cater to New Digital Careers via

Joseph added that these transformations had led to a growing demand for new skills that was caused by the shortage of talent in the market.

“The Digital Academy is a human resource innovation that has enabled us to both empower our staff with new skills and to have the right mix of talent based on our customer needs,” he said.

The Digital Academy training program offers a six-month course in five different areas, including Technology Automation, Cyber Security, Data Science, Cloud Computing, Emerging Network Technologies and Mobile Application Development.

The first three months of the course will be fully held in the classroom while the rest three months will be a practically-based course in which employees apply their new skills in developing new workplace innovations.

Apart from The Digital Academy training program, Safaricom has also launched a digital learning platform providing on-the-job training in over 10,000 courses to its entire employees.



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