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MEST Africa’s Entrepreneurial Training Program Opens Applications for Its 2021 Class


TechInAfrica – MEST Africa has opened a fully-sponsored entrepreneurial training program for the 2021 class. The one year program will take place in Accra, Ghana aims at aspiring entrepreneurs across Africa. Interested applicants can apply for the program until February 7, 2020.

Accepted applicants will participate in-depth training and mentorship, as well as an opportunity to enter the Pan-African tech ecosystem and build the next generation of global companies just like the program’s graduates like Kweza’s Ropafadzo Musvaire, Saada’s Fadder John, Massira’s Samirah Maison, Cofundie’s Zahra Faye, MeQasa’s Kelvin Nyame, Amplify’s Segun Adeyemi, amongst others.

MEST Africa Entrepreneurial Training Program
MEST Africa Entrepreneurial Training Program via

“There are so many opportunities to make a difference through entrepreneurship and technology. I have chosen to come to MEST to take the skills and work experience I have to the next level while doing something I am passionate about,” said Gugulethu Kheswa, a part of the MEST Africa’s 2020’s Class, as cited from Tech Moran.

The new MEST Africa’s class is improving the previous class. It is the most diverse and represents entrepreneurs from 14 African countries. which is the highest numbers so far. The previous class, entrepreneurs only represented 12 African countries.

The MEST Africa training program actively seeks entrepreneurs from five African markets, including Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, and Cote d’Ivoire. In the previous years, the cohort trained entrepreneurs from South Africa, Côte d’Ivoire, Zimbabwe, The Gambia, Somalia, Sudan, Tanzania, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Cameroon, and Mali. Meanwhile, the Class of 2020 makes up of entrepreneurs from Botswana, Uganda The Republic of Congo, The Democratic Republic of Congo, Lesotho, and Benin.

MEST Africa Entrepreneurial training program class 2021
MEST Africa Entrepreneurial training program class 2021 via

The entrepreneurs will go through an intensive one-year training program focusing on business, communication, and software development delivered by global mentors, including successful entrepreneurs, CEOs, and other executives from Africa, Silicon Valley, and Europe.

The program gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to receive seed funding and grow their businesses out of one of the Pan-African MEST incubators in Accra, Cape Town, Lagos, and Nairobi.



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