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Dimension Data In Talks Of Leasing The Campus


TechInAfrica – As the ‘home to leading global enterprises as well as selected local entrepreneurial technology companies ad pharmaceutical, software, and advertising businesses’ according to The Campus website, the facility is in the advanced stage of talks to be sold by Dimension Data of its head office in Johannesburg.

But transactions are yet to be made, as confirmed by the CEO of The Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corp (NTT)-owned Dimension Data Middle East & Africa, Grant Bodley in response to a query. The bursting of the dot-com bubble followed by the late IT crash was perhaps included in the company’s consideration when making the advance of leasing a large share of The Campus to an all-women empowerment group, a source who claimed to oversee the situation said. Initially, the facility was built to serve as the premier technology park for the company, and most of the space was planned to be acquired by Dimension Data as expected.

Credit: via Anthony Shaw

But now, the leasing deal is still on-going and the announcement should happen soon, said the source.

The multi-purpose facility was at least worth R520 M. The Consulting engineers of Kaney & Templer said it was the cost needed for such a facility. As the structural engineers for the project, they explained that the materials were ranging from 90,000 cubic meters of concrete, 6,800 tons of reinforcing, and 8.5 M bricks. It shows from the available space for 4,000 cars in an interconnected basement model and an office space in the span of 75,000 square meters from its 18 low-rise buildings.


With an extensive conferencing space in The Forum, the facility, which is located on the corner of Main Road and Sloane Street, was filled with event hosting by companies, proven the facility to be a popular choice among the companies.



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