Ebtessama Foundation partners with Vodafone Egypt Foundation to launch job e-platform for the disabled


Ebtessama Foundation has partnered with Vodafone Egypt Foundation to launch, the country’s first digital platform specifically dedicated to training and employing persons with disabilities. The platform connects the disabled with employers, training centers, institutions, and companies. Majidah platform has collaborated with 400 entities and just about 200 training centers in 2020.

How it works can be described as an enabling ecosystem where people with disabilities can receive training or get employed. This can be achieved through technology where the enabling platform connects employers, civil organizations, trainers, the disabled, and donor organizations. Founded in 1998 by Majidah Sami, the foundation has strongly pushed for the rights of the disabled for over 12 years. Majidah is the same given to the project which is considered a pioneer in the field.

Story behind Majidah

Majidah began when the disabled in society faced deeply rooted discrimination, and most suffered from a physical, mental, sensory, and intellectual disability. The foundation strives to “eliminate barriers” preventing those with disabilities from enjoying equal opportunities with the rest of society. Ashraf Othman, the Chairman at Ebtessama Foundation, points out how cultural prejudices previously resulted in the disabled being isolated from mainstream society. They felt uncomfortable mingling with everybody else. Thanks to modern-day awareness efforts seem to have changed for the better.

Egypt has a disabled population of 15 to 20 million people. As the number grows, more non-profit organizations and civil-society groups are championing the rights of the disabled.

Source: Egyptian Streets


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