Editi Effiòng on ‘The Black Book’, Nollywood’s Evolution, and Nigeria’s streaming prospects


Editi Effiòng has been a prominent figure in Nigeria’s digital landscape for years. His digital agency, Anakle, known for its data-driven marketing solutions, has been at the forefront of the digital marketing realm.

Recently, he’s been recognized as a digital pioneer, especially with the rise of streaming giants like Netflix and Amazon Prime in Nollywood. Through Anakle and his film ventures, Editi Effiòng exemplifies the art of thriving, creating, and monetizing content in the digital era.

However, his perspective is distinct. He doesn’t see himself as a typical influencer or creator. Instead, he identifies as an entrepreneur immersed in tech, advertising, and film. He began with web development, transitioning into mobile app development, and then ventured into digital marketing.

Reflecting on the early 2010s, Editi recalls the shift towards mobile-centric marketing. Traditional advertising agencies dominated, but there was a clear need for strategies tailored to mobile users.

Editi’s Journey into Filmmaking 

For several years, Editi Effiòng has been a prominent figure in Nigeria’s digital realm. His digital firm, Anakle, prides itself on leveraging data-driven marketing strategies to foster deeper and quicker connections between brands and their target demographics. Today, many regard him as a digital pioneer, especially with the rise of platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime in the Nollywood scene.

Balancing his roles at Anakle and his growing film portfolio, Editi Effiòng offers a masterclass on thriving, monetizing, and establishing a digital content-centric enterprise. He boasts a significant following of over 180k on platform X. However, he perceives his role differently, stating, “I’ve never seen myself as a typical ‘creator’ who produces short videos. That’s not my identity.”

When asked about establishing a digital product-centric business, he responded, “I primarily identify as a tech-savvy entrepreneur with roots in advertising and film.” He reminisced about his initial venture into web development and later transitioned into creating dynamic mobile applications. Subsequently, he took on a marketing role for a retail brand, leveraging his tech background to emphasize digital marketing.

He recalled the early 2010s when the focus was on developing digital platforms, like websites and apps. “Back in the day, traditional agencies dominated advertising. The concept of mobile-based purchases was still nascent. We were essentially laying the groundwork for a mobile-centric marketing future,” Editi explained.

Later, he founded Anakle Labs, primarily collaborating with financial institutions to refine and design products. He also briefly ventured into supporting startups through Anakle Labs, emphasizing the importance of playing to one’s strengths.

Editi Effiòng’s Journey into Filmmaking

Editi’s cinematic journey began with the 2018 film “Up North”, starring musician Banky W and actress Adesua Etomi-Wellington. He always had a passion for filmmaking and seized the opportunity when he could afford it.

With giants like Netflix entering the Nollywood market, the dynamics have shifted. While some in the industry express reservations, Editi, primarily a producer, sees this as a golden opportunity for Nollywood. He believes streaming platforms have expanded the audience base and provided a second life to films after their cinema run. Additionally, these platforms invest in Nigerian films, introducing them to a global audience.

However, concerns raised by filmmakers about the streaming industry’s impact on Nollywood are valid. While Hollywood grapples with the challenges posed by streaming platforms, Editi believes the Nigerian and American film industries are distinct. In Nigeria, producers bear the financial risks, and streaming platforms don’t necessarily deprive creators of their dues.

Regarding the alleged pay disparity by Netflix for creators in South Africa and Nigeria, Editi rationalizes, “Netflix’s pricing varies by region. Their business decisions are based on market dynamics, not charity.”

The Black Book Project

Editi Effiòng’s upcoming project, “The Black Book”, is set to debut on Netflix on September 22, 2023. Like many contemporary Nollywood productions, the film aims for excellence with a nuanced narrative. However, Editi insists that “The Black Book” epitomizes Nollywood cinema. He elaborates, “A Nollywood story is essentially a narrative crafted within the Nigerian film industry.”

He mentions the challenges of filmmaking in Nigeria: “Given the limited Nigerian market, we produce films accordingly. Sometimes, budget constraints prevent us from realizing our vision fully.”

The star-studded cast of “The Black Book” features renowned actors like Shaffy Bello, Richard Mofe-Damijo, and Taiwo Ajai-Lycett. Reflecting on his experience working with them, Editi praised their professionalism, adding, “Collaborating with such a talented team was both enjoyable and smooth.”




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