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Nollywood Movies Made To Be Watched Online



Shugaban is an online platform that gives Nollywood lovers to rent and distribute movies online. Apart from Nollywood one also can watch various videos contents which have been uploaded by producers and content creators in Nigeria and the rest of Africa. The platform which was launched in September 2017, the platform is run by a team of three people Ayoola Ayo-Ajayi the content manager, Funmi Famosa social media manager, and  Nasiru Tijani who is the founder.

According to Tijani, the platform is not only a solution provider but also future of African movie industry. The platform gives viewers a chance to go for pay-as-you-go option as against the high cost of subscription for cable networks and various online platforms.

The platform is looking forward to changing the way Nigerians get movies online by providing videos to viewers through the most effective and reliable media. One can use laptops, phones, Smart TVs and other mobile devices at affordable prices.

This will reduce the high cost of lining up in the long queue to purchase a movie. The platform will as well save time and give viewers a humble time in watching their favorite content online at a cheaper cost. Wastage and the urge to recycle the DVD’s will be a gone case.


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