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Airbnb Gives You a Choice of Having Your Preferred Accommodation


Airbnb is a startup known to help travelers in booking and securing restaurants abroad. It all depends on the luck of the customer in getting a good restaurant or they might land on a substandard restaurant.  Here is a look at some of the good restaurants that are offered by the app.

Penthouse Studio

There is a dispute on if the studio is a territory of Western Sahara or it was colonized by Morocco all that depends on one’s political stand. The restaurant in the Dhakla peninsula is simple, yet it gives a unique experience of yoga with the Sahara desert in the background, facing a huge ocean. The home accommodates above 200 of Airbnb’s most liked homes from each country where Airbnb operates around the world.

The list has some appealing holiday spots across Africa. In 2016 when Airbnb was facing stiff competition in favorite cities like Paris, San Francisco startup turned multinational disruptor has seen impressive growth in Africa. The startup has homes in undisclosed cities like Freetown, and currently, it has houses that are overlooking Africa’s Great Lakes. The company has entered a space where hotels have feared to go, or created high barriers.

More than 2 million people have been able to get accommodation in in Africa through Airbnb in a span of the last five years. The startup has more than 100, 000 listings in Africa. As much as the company might be doing poorly on other continents, it has been getting fame in Africa. Up to now, visitors have had to shell out for exclusive resorts or settle for more humble lodgings like a backpacker’s hostel.

The main part of the wishlist list is owned by expats who have moved or travel between Europe and Africa who seem to be putting their holiday homes up for rent. In 2016 alone, Airbnb hosts in Africa made $139 million, so it’s disconcerting to think that money may not be staying on the continent, although there is no immediate data to show where exactly that revenue goes. The company also has to fight with racism by some rent owners.

The wishlist gives one an option of either staying in an art gallery in Kigali, a cozy stay with an Ethiopian family in Lalibela or stay in a renovated bus in Nairobi.


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